Best free movie streaming sites

Updated : Sep 15, 2019 in Movies

Best free movie streaming sites [2019]

Welcome to the first article on our site, we’ll be posting all types of news on movies, anime, trailers and much more. We plan on constantly following many different types of entertainment scenes to keep you up to date on what’s out there to experience. To that end our first ever article if you saw the title will be “Best free movie streaming sites”. If we’re going to follow the movie scene you need to know the best places to stream those movies right?

1. Fmovies


FmoviesFmovies homepage

Our first site on the list is Fmovies. It’s a really popular free movie streaming site that millions of users visit a month and for good reason. You don’t have to sign up or pay a dime to watch 1000’s of movies for free whenever you would like. The movies are nicely categorized and sorted a number of different ways from the recently released movies, movies that are really popular the current week, popular that current month or movies that were most favorited by users that month. Not just that though the movies are also sorted by quality. Have you ever visited a streaming movie site and click a movie and it’s so dark you can’t see what’s going on? That won’t happen to you here all moves are sorted by quality. You’ll see certain tags like CAM, TS, HDRIP, HD and SD. These basically mean CAM= bad quality, TS= bad quality, HDRIP = Good HD quality, HD and finally SD which just means standard quality it’s not bad but not good either.

Fmovies playerFmovies player page

2. Flixtor


Flixtor homepageFlixtor homepage

The second site on our list is an interesting one and we’ll explain exactly what we mean. Flixtor is mostly free the website is 1000% ad free you won’t find a single advertisement on this website, but it comes with a cost. After a movie is released it is completely free to view and stream no hassle, money or signups. After those 6 months however that movie is now locked behind a paywall you have to pay a VIP fee to get 365 around the year access to all movies regardless of how many months it’s been out, so yes a very interesting site. If you’re wondering why this website in on this list despite it not being fully free well that’s because you are given 6 months to watch any newly released movies in the highest quality possible for free and the loading speed for this website is amazing. Every loads seamlessly from the website homepage to the actual movies everything is smooth and I love it.

Flixtor player page 


3. YifyTV

Yify homepage

The third website on our list is a more simple straight forward one in nearly all aspects of a free movie streaming website. Yify like many other websites on this list provides free movies, but unlike others Yify has no restrictions at all period. Another great thing about Yify is the quality of the movies they have available. The owners or owner of this website don’t bother uploading low quality movies. Every movie you will click on this website will be HD and above in quality. One more little unique feature about this website that I believe should be mentioned is the fact that below every movie will be several torrent links available for you to directly download the movie you are watching with zero restrictions.

Yify player page


4. YesMovies

YesMovies homepageYesMovies homepage

Fourth free streaming website to grace this list is YesMovies. This is just another very simple straight forward site for streaming movies online for free. You won’t find any insanely new features that puts this site above others. This website simply makes this list because you can watch 100’s if not 1000’s of free HD movies online for free without any hassles. If you’re looking for a specific movie online and can’t find it elsewhere make sure to check here they usually have it.

YesMovies player page


5. Vmovee


Vmovee hompage

Our fifth and final website on this list is Vmovee. This is another very simple designed website with minimal features, but still is an amazing site. The overall theme of the site is really dark which in my opinion is amazing for a movie site. Who wants to watch movies on a bright eye blinding website? The homepage as you can see from the above image is sorted through popularity at the top, but if you scroll down you’ll find many different types of sorting such as recently added and different categories to sort through.

Vmovee player page

That’s going to wrap up our first article we hope that every one of these websites will help you find all the movies you’d like to watch online for free. Bookmark and stay tuned for more articles from our site we’ll make more articles of the best sites to watch things on in several different types of things and more.

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